Hecny Group’s complete warehouse services

Market growth determines the need for high-quality warehouse logistics services. Our company is ready to undertake the whole range of warehousing operations.
Acceptance of goods
Checking the quantity, quality and compliance of commodity nomenclature in the receiving area
Responsible storage
Storage of Commodities at Class A+ warehouse following the requirements of storage
Handling operations
The speed and quality of these operations is a hallmark of warehouse logistics
Cargo handling
A set of operations that includes all concomitant processes with goods in the areas of receiving and generating orders
Order picking
The selection of goods, according to customer request, taking into account its weight and dimensions.
Labeling of goods
Labeling and marking following the law 488-FZ on a proprietary platform YOLKA LABEL
Receiving and shipping of commodities and materials through the warehouse without their placement in the storage area
Transport packing
Additional measures for the security of inventory
Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region
Delivery with own transport in Moscow and Moscow region

If you sign a one-year custodial services contract, you will get a 10% discount * for the first month of service

*To get a more detailed information on promotional terms and discounts, please, contact our specialists via phone +7 (966) 371−4210 or e-mail whs@hecny.ru

We take care of your business like we take care of our own!

All our customers have the opportunity to take advantage of product selection service, forming of the order in accordance with the customer’s request and presale preparation (marking, labeling, packing).

You can order the whole cycle of warehousing services, as well as individual services in the performance of warehouse operations, ranging from the processing of goods, its accounting in the warehouse system and up to data exchange with a separate accounting system.
Considering the rapidly growing e-commerce in our country, rental of warehouses with subsequent processing of goods is a very useful service that can save on maintaining its own fleet and staff.

After all, with the expansion of Internet business, there is a need for mass handling of inventory, its preparation and delivery.

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