Responsible storage (warehouse class A+)

24/7 Security and video surveillance
Fast order processing
Custom reports

Advantages of responsible storage with Hecny

Punctuality: We appreciate your time!
Inquiries for receipt and shipment are carried out strictly according to the schedule.
We follow the principles of lean roduction!
We reduce human errors in receiving, placing, replenishment, selection, picking and shipping of inventory with our automated warehouse management system (WMS).
We guarantee quality!
  • Multi-echelon inventory control
  • Operational accuracy
  • Highly qualified personnel

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8 000 m²

Warehouse Area
11 000

Pallet space
1 000 m²

Area for trucks

Warehouse location

Московская область, г.Лобня, ул.Лейтенанта Бойко, д.91
  • 15 minutes to the airport Sheremetyevo
  • 25 minutes to the Moscow Ring Road

Our class A+ warehouse is located between Leningradskoe highway (M-10) and Rogachevskoe highway (R-113) on:
Lieutenanta Boiko 91, Lobnya, Moscow region
56.020605, 37.438718 
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  • WMS
    Warehouse Management System
    • YOLKA WMS warehouse management system
    • Optimal usage of storage space FIFO, FEFO, lot control and expiration date management
    • Customer flexibility
    • Content-addressable storage
  • Equipment
    Storage equipment
    • Modern shelving constructions
    • State-of-the-art material handling equipment
    • All high stackers are equipped with a hoist stabilization system
    • Street stacker to handle oversized loads
  • Security
    Ensuring security storage
    • Doors and gates are equipped with alarm system
    • Round-the-clock security
    • Alarm button Day/Night Mode Security
    • Cameras & Surveillance Video recordings are stored for more than 1 month.
    • Fire Alarm System

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