Warehouse services and order processing for your online store

Store your goods for Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market, Lamoda


  • Goods acceptance at the supplier
  • Responsible storage at warehouse
  • All kinds of storage: pallet, floor, shelf storage
  • Videofixing of receiving / shipping area

Preparation, processing and kitting

  • Labeling, stickering
  • Packing, repacking
  • Adding leaflets, instructions, warranty cards

Order shipping, returns service

  • Delivery by partner services and postal delivery to the pickup points (PWZ)
  • Returns acceptance and processing

Mandatory identification marking of products in Russia the "CHESTNY ZNAK" ("HONEST SIGN")

  • Receiving and handling goods
    Handling of goods received in our warehouse, both on pallets and in boxes/packages
  • Consolidation of items from different suppliers
    Combining items from different suppliers into one transport unit (pallet, box).
  • Shipping Packages
    Inclusion of labeled merchandise into the shipping carton/pallet.
  • Fast processing
    Operational acceptance, processing, labeling and preparation for shipment.
  • Application of the marking code
    Item coding in the warehouse Including: unpacking the pallet/boxes, scanning the GTIN on the product, printing the DatyMatrix label with the CM, and applying the label to the box or product label
  • Product preparation for promotional campaigns

Warehouse location
Московская область, г.Лобня, ул.Лейтенанта Бойко, д.91
  • 15 minutes to the airport Sheremetyevo
  • 25 minutes to the Moscow Ring Road

Our class A+ warehouse is located between Leningradskoe highway (M-10) and Rogachevskoe highway (R-113) on:
Lieutenanta Boiko 91, Lobnya, Moscow region
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Fulfillment by Seller (FBS) — alternative for marketplace partners

Hecny Group is your reliable value-added service provider in warehouse logistics and fullfilment. We offer the entire range of order processing services: warehousing, including shelf life, batch and serial number management, picking and packing, reverse logistics and many other value-added services tailored to your needs.

Modern IT solutions allow us to further increase flexibility and efficiency of our operations. Integration, e-mail and API (json/xml) order processing is possible.

We can help you with achieving a new level of flexibility with outsourcing, turn fixed costs into variable costs and increase your efficiency without major capital investments through soft adaptation to seasonal fluctuations.